Logistic is a global supplier of transport and logistics solutions. We have many network offices and an international network of partners and agents, making us a truly global player that offers services worldwide.

Cargo Security Solutions

The supply chain and logistics world is complex and ever-evolving, and it is critical to remain flexible and agile in order to meet the requirements of the global community. This is equally true for the management of Supply Chain Security. As the threats and risks of yesterday continue to prevail and new security concerns arise, it is necessary to maintain an acute awareness of the operational and security situation throughout the entire supply chain network. Freight Mart Logistics’s proven success to navigate this environment not only provides a high level of confidence to our customers, but allows us to implement flexible and customer-centric measures throughout our network.

Mission for our customers

Freight Mart Logistics Security has a principal goal of providing strategies that help identify, respond, and mitigate risk throughout the supply chain. It is our team’s mission to work closely with our customers and business partners to understand their needs and to provide a solid foundation for current and future business ventures.