Logistic is a global supplier of transport and logistics solutions. We have offices in more than 50 countries and an international network of partners and agents, making us a truly global player that offers services worldwide.

Multiple modes of transport, one contract, zero hassle

Freight Mart Logistics’s newest carrier model, Freight Mart Logistics projects Carrier oversees multimodal heavy-lift moves from fabrication to installation sites under one single contract that clearly governs all modes of transport.

The new purpose-designed legal framework ensures the best possible contractual clarity and one point of contact for the customer, reducing to an absolute minimum the commercial, technical and contractual risks that are inherent to the multimodal transport of project cargo.

We consider the total scope of an assignment, identify all possible risks in the transport chain and then clearly define and stipulate, in a single contract, the responsibilities and liabilities applicable to each transport leg, including overland pre-carriage, port handling and stevedoring, the ocean main leg, and overland post-carriage.

The single contract is consistent with the released transportation documents such as bill of lading and the general terms and conditions. This helps to avoid problems and disputes when exceptions occur during transport, especially when the transport mode changes.

Industry knowledge and global coverage

Freight Mart Logistics projects Carrier works closely with all leading multipurpose and heavy-lift carriers of the world. Our global network ensures we have access to over 2,300 specialized vessels in the market, and the most suitable carrier and vessel for each move is selected by our Energy and Project Solutions experts. Freight Mart Logistics’s stringent subcontractor management system additionally covers all companies and equipment that are employed for pre- and on-carriage of project cargo by road or rail. Furthermore, our transport engineers make sure that any technical issues are prevented.