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3D Printing (Additive Manufacturing)

3D printing (3DP), also called additive manufacturing, is one of the most exciting frontiers of digital transformation and evolving supply chains. It stands for the convergence of the real with the virtual world – and it has the potential to dramatically change the traditional manufacturing and logistics industries.

As a perfect complement to our Logistics Manufacturing Services (LMS) offering, 3DP is a powerful technology that enables the customization and personalization of your products at the latest possible stage in the supply chain.

Already in 2015, we invested in our first 3D printer to get a better understanding of how the technology can be integrated into our business. In 2016, Freight Mart Logistics launched two joint research projects with Cardiff University (UK), where we aim to identify the products that could be switched from traditional to new, additive manufacturing techniques and also the impact these techniques will have on future supply chains.

Our dedicated team can offer you a range of 3D printing services. We begin with a supply chain and manufacturing review of your existing products. From there, we assess, both from an engineering and supply chain perspective, which products and markets could benefit from the introduction of 3DP. In close collaboration with you, we then select and implement the right 3DP technology for your business. We manage the process from start to finish, monitoring the impact on quality, speed and service to ensure that the technology is introduced smoothly and successfully across your operations.

Our expertise and knowledge of 3D printing and LMS, combined with our global network of facilities, makes us the ideal partner to help you introduce 3DP into your supply chain.